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About Us


About the Founder
Melissa Miller

The vision for Kore started to form in the early days of the pandemic, when so much of the world, myself included, was dealing with life-shifting changes. I had just finished my MBA and was indulging my love of coffee — and perfecting my brew techniques — as head barista at Hava Java in Lehigh Valley. Then, lockdowns happened and my world ground to a halt.


To pass the time, I started growing vegetables and flowers on a few acres of farmland. Nurturing those tiny seeds into full-grown plants became more than just a daily ritual. It provided a ray of light through a dark time, and it shifted something in me. I began to feel a dawning joy and a growing connection to the earth…and a call to share that connection with my community.


And so, Kore was born. It is quite simply, the ultimate passion project and a way to unite the things I love most. Coffee and flowers. Growth and connection. My business background and commitment to community care. And this is just the beginning — big plans are on the way to offer even more opportunities to gather and make meaningful connections, in the glow of good company and surrounded by the beauty of nature.


But the best way to understand Kore is to experience it! Come enjoy a cup of fresh barista-brewed coffee and browse our seasonal bouquets, grown with love right here in Allentown.

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About Kore

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Woman-owned, Goddess-inspired


Kore is all about sharing and experiencing the gifts of the earth. Our name comes from the multifaceted Greek goddess Kore, who embodied balance and duality down to her, well, core. The light and the dark. The fertile underworld and the bounty it gives rise to above. It’s her essence that inspired our offerings: the dark, rich earthiness of coffee and the bright, uplifting joy of flowers.

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